Designed by the great Peter Saville. There's an interesting documentary I saw a while back about the camouflage design... A follow up post perhaps.
The album artwork was inspired by Edward Wadsworth's Dazzle-ships in Drydock at Liverpool (1919 ). The disjointed lines are designed to confuse enemy ships as it distorts the ship's distance and size.

This album was a new direction for OMD and many of the featured songs are pretty experimental. The band used shortwave recordings to explore Cold War and Eastern Bloc themes. I found this vinyl a while back while rummaging through some charity shops on Walworth Road- it only cost me 50p. I found Architecture & Morality on a separate occasion in the same shop. I imagine some OMD fan is slowly reducing their record collection week by week.
My favourite song on the album, and probably one of all time favourite songs, well, in my top 50 is Telegraph: